When is xxxtentacion birthday

when is xxxtentacion birthday
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XXXTentacion birthday

XXXTentacion was born on January 23, 1998. His full name is Jahseh Dwayne Ricardo Onfroy. He released his first two mixtapes in 2017 and soon after signed with the indie label Empire Distribution for distribution of “17.”
The album reached number one on Billboard’s Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums as well as #2 overall in all genres upon release. The single also went to reach Number 2 on Billboard Hot 100 charts behind Cardi B’s “Bodak Yellow (Money Moves)” which it remained at that spot until October 6th when XXXTENTACION hit a new high by peaking at No 1 again.

The rapper has been in the music industry for about three or four years now with a total of one million followers on Facebook alone. He made it onto Forbes’ “2018 Hip-Hop Cash Princes” list as well which also included artists like Drake who ranked first place overall with $94 million dollars earned last year according to their rankings system that takes into account number of albums released and sold per week; sales revenue from merchandise such as xxxtentacion hoodie, xxxtentacion revenge hoodie, T-shirts, hats, and also other famous clothes such as the xxxtentacion 17 hoodie. etc.; concert ticket prices at venues including Madison Square Garden; streaming services subscriptions (Apple Music); royalties from


Post Malone is a rapper who gained recognition for his songs “SAD!,” “Jocelyn Flores” and many others. He released two studio albums in 2017, called 17 as well as ? which was the second album to be announced at that time of release.

It would be a lie to say that I’m not in love with this musician. But, the title of my favourite song is “SAD!” and it’s clear he has his own dark side too. Recently, after releasing two albums titled 17 and ? which were both number one hits on iTunes charts worldwide (I don’t think there are any other people as successful), he announced on Twitter: “i am sad all the time so i make happy music for everyone else but me.” This was when we found out about Jocelyn Flores – an artist who committed suicide at just 18 years old due to depression. From then onwards XXXTentacion expressed how much pain she had been going through during her short life.

Before Frame

When the world first heard his name, they thought it was a joke. It seemed like an unfair gamble to invest in this artist because he had no fame and little-to-no marketing budget. But before long, all of that would change when Abel Tesfaye started releasing music through SoundCloud–the only platform on which he could post without being interrupted by copyright claims or advertisements for other artists’ songs popping up every few minutes; if not for these restrictions imposed by free streaming services such as Spotify and Pandora Radio, many people might never have found him at all!

Abel Tesfaye’s start may seem improbable but thanks to limitations placed upon the amount of content one can upload onto popular platforms such as Facebook Live or YouTube TV.


Recently, 18-year old Connor Franta has been one of YouTube’s most popular and admired personalities. He started his game channel at age 11 with a family friend who was also on the platform to help him grow it into what it is today – an account that now boasts over 5 million subscribers.

Before hitting the scene as a rapper, Lil Peep was making his way in other creative fields. Reportedly, he made $450k off of YouTube last year and is currently ranked number two on Billboard’s list for top ten artists aged 18-24 with album 17 which also charted at different numbers across Europe.
Hailing from Pennsylvania but living primarily out west since 2015, musical artiste Gustav Åhr grew up playing music while skateboarding around Lancaster County with friends who were all into hardcore punk rock bands like Green Day or Blink 182 – influences that are still very much present today. He started rapping under the moniker “Lil’ Peepee” until people told him he needed to change it.

Family Life

He was a middle child between his older sister Arianna Drew and his younger brother Aiden. He had an incredibly troubled upbringing, being the son of a father who spent much time in jail for various crimes. On June 18th 2018 he was tragically shot and killed at just 20 years old while walking outside with friends in Florida where he grew up since birth. His mother felt like she lost her only reason to live after this event which led to him becoming even more loved by people across the world as they heard about what happened to such an inspiring young man trying so hard on every level but still getting dealt bad cards when it came down right next door or close enough from their hometown too!

Associated with

There are few artists who have seen their work and talent rise to the level of Robb Banks. The artist, like Banks himself, can now be found on any top charting rap song in America’s number one streaming service Spotify as well as other popular media outlets such as Complex Magazine.

Few people know that when music producer Jamal Hammadi saw his friend struggle with addiction he decided to get involved by starting up a digital company called “Grateful Media.” There is also no denying this talented rapper has made an impression for future generations because already we see many aspiring rappers using him or words from his songs verbatim about themselves across social networks.