Tokyo Ghoul Hoodie

What is a Tokyo Ghoul Hoodie ?

The Tokyo Ghoul Hoodie is made of high quality cotton, soft feel and smooth touch.

The Tokyo Ghoul Hoodie is a 100% cotton zip-up hoodie featuring an illustration of the main character from the popular anime series Tokyo Ghoul. Perfect for fans of this Japanese manga/anime !

A Tokyo Ghoul hoodie is the perfect addition to your wardrobe whether youre going to a Renai Circulation Party or just hanging out with your friends. It features the kanji for Tokyo Ghoul as well as other ghouls in cool colors, and stylish cut details. This hoodie is soft cotton with a slim fit to show off your favorite anime. Just like its characters, this Tokyo Ghoul hoodie is tough looking and tough wearing. Flaunt your love for Kaneki, Q, Touka, and all other cute but deadly characters from this dark action anime about a world where humans live alongside ghouls.

The Tokyo Ghoul hoodie is made from high quality cotton, making it very comfortable to wear. A simple design permits you to wear this hoodie with different styles of pants or jeans, making it versatile and perfect for casual everyday wear. The Tokyo Ghoul anime character shown on the front represents both the brand and style of this hoodie. Wear your favorite anime character proudly with its unique design that will make you stand out from the crowd!

Tokyo Ghoul is a Japanese live-action suspense drama anime series based on the writings of Sui Ishida. The anime follows the adventures of a man named Ken Kaneki, a bookworm who finds himself mixed up with a group of high school delinquents. The series is produced by the studio Pierrot plus, and was first released in 2014.  This Tokyo Ghoul hoodie features a red and white printed design as well as the Ghoul symbol, making it ideal for any fan of this popular Anime series. Official Merchandise.,The Tokyo Ghoul Jacket is comfortable enough to wear all day long.

Tokyo Ghoul anime hoodie with a red zipper, black Ghoul logo on chest, white Tokyo Ghoul text. The silhouette of the character crouching and hearts on both sleeves is inspired by Kishimoto-sensei’s artwork. Extremely soft cotton/polyester blend material that is also warm for winter wear. The Tokyo Ghoul anime franchise features a society where people are turned into violent monsters after being infected by a virus, and have to live in fear of being exterminated. This black hoodie has the tagline “Good night, sleep tight…”.

The Tokyo Ghoul hoodie is a 100% cotton pullover with an Elizabethan collar, taped neck and shoulders. The left chest features the kanji for Tokyo Ghoul in red. A white P from the anime logo on the back right shoulder to the bottom right corner of the last line of text on the front is stitched. Also includes gold foil accents on both sleeves.;This Tokyo Ghoul hoodie will be your new favorite shirt! It’s lightweight enough to wear all year round and makes a great addition to any collection or wardrobe. Get yours today!