One Punch Man Hoodie

What is an One Punch Man Hoodie ?

One Punch Man is a Japanese anime television series created by Madhouse director of anime Shingo Natsumizu. The story is about Saitama, a ordinary guy who becomes a hero only to find out his real power is one punch. Saitama gets drafted into the army where he beats up 100 monsters in one night only to be sent back home due to excessive super human activities. The One Punch Man hoodie features the main character Saitama from the anime series. He’s known as the strongest man in the world with just one punch. This hoodie has an adorably cute look.

The hoodie has a large white print on the front that reads “One Punch Man”. The back of the hoodie has a picture of Saitama wearing a red cape and revealing his muscular body with the kanji for “one” in blue on his chest. On the right sleeve there’s a smaller version of the logo in red.”The One Punch Man Hoodie is printed with the most powerful punch in the world: Saitama’s one finger! The hoodie features an original illustration of this anime superhero wearing his signature red cape and revealing his muscular body with the kanji for “one” in blue.

The hero everyone can relate to. He’s just a man who stopped smiling one day. After going through hell he gained unbelievable strength and became a hero we can all look up too. This shirt pays tribute to that man . . . Saitama from One Punch Man.”One Punch Man” is an anime/manga series about a superhero who has gained godly physical strength after eating a magic gem, but still chooses to maintain his normal life by working part-time at a fast food outlet named Momonga Cafe. Our ”One Punch Man Hoodie” pays tribute to this anime series, featuring the main character.

Inspired by ONE and brought to you by Evil Geniuses. The best fans in the world. Get this NOW available at our ECONOMY SIZE. This hoodie features a screen printed design on both the front and back. A portion of the proceeds from this shirt will go towards supporting ONE GAIDAN: A non-profit dedicated to helping children in need through education, computer science and healthcare. This is an XL size so please be aware that it may run large especially around the chest area (most likely due to the print area).The One Punch Man Hoodie features a screen printed design on both the front.

This One Punch Man Hoodie features an anime styled character named Saitama, The protagonist of the series who has trained himself to have superhuman strength. This design is printed on 100% cotton material with a small tagless neckline for comfort. Slight shade differences from the picture may occur due to different monitor calibrations.Your new Favorite hoodie! Great gift for anime fans of all ages. Slight shade differences from the picture may occur due to different monitor calibrations.Carefully crafted by volunteer volunteers, this full-color, high-quality, comfortable hoodie with pocket makes it possible for you to stand out.

This hoodie features the main character from the anime/manga One Punch Man, Saitama. The front of the hoodie has its name in golden letters, while the back has an image of Saitama full of awe and inspiration. Truly a must-have garment for any fan of the series!The only thing that could make this fresh is if it were signed by One Punch Man himself! Featuring our favorite hero on a hoodie, this piece is fit for any fan of anime or manga alike. Pop this on and keep it casual for an outfit that’ll have your friends talking all day long.

Adorned with original artwork from the anime series ‘One Punch Man’, this grey hoodie features both humorous and inspirational messages from Saitama. Featuring ‘One punch man’ character on front, along with the phrase ‘I have a dream’ in English and Japanese.’The character Saitama from anime series ‘One Punch Man’ makes a great addition to your wardrobe. This grey pullover hoodie features an illustration of Saitama on front, with the accompanying message ‘I have a dream’ in English and Japanese to inspire you throughout your daily activities, whether that be workouts or just relaxing at home.