Japanese Hoodie

What is a Japanese Hoodie ?

Our Japanese Hoodie is made of a thicker cotton, and is more of a traditional hoodie. It’s made in the same factory as our American sweatshirts, so they are very similar in quality. The only real difference is that our Japanese hoodies have an embroidered sayonara design on the left chest instead of our black text logo. This design has an aged look to it, giving it a vintage feel and making it ideal for use in Japan or anywhere with a Buddhist influence.

The Japanese hoodie is a classic, made famous by the youth of Japan during the 80’s and 90’s. It can be worn by both men and women. The texture on this hoodie features embroidered stitching in between two parallel lines on the front and back of the hoodie which creates a distinct look that has made this hoodie an iconic symbol for Japan.

A traditional Japanese hoodie with a unisex design, this dark blue hoodie features a seamless design, thick cotton material and reinforced stitching on the front zipper. The words “Japan” in both English and Japanese are embroidered on the front left chest. This trendy item is perfect for everyday wear or festivals/ parties as it can be worn inside out! Look great and feel great while enjoying the sun!Material: 95% cotton, 5% polyester, 20 single stitched thread width (cuff to shoulder) + 360° type double needle stitching around the armholes + sleeve cuff seams = extra comfort.

Our hoodie is a Japanese design, borrowing elements from the culture and fashion of the Land of the Rising Sun. Made with 6 oz 100% cotton Japanese fabric (cotton blend), this hoody has a look uniquely its own. Japanese translates as “from Japan” yet it is not made there; instead we put it together in China with loving care. Don’t worry though, this garment is sewn by Chinese workers who are paid a fair wage under standards labour agreement that ensures humane conditions and no child labor is used.’Our Japanese hoodie is made in China, with 6 oz 100% cotton Japanese fabric.

Simple and stylish, our Japanese hoodie is cut from soft cotton with an inside-out design that reads ‘Japan’ in kakikatas. With a stylish black & white katakana print, it’s a great piece for any fan!

Our Japanese hoodies and sweatshirts are designed for both men and women. These products are manufactured in the United Kingdom using high quality cotton, as well as polyester to ensure they have an excellent quality finish, with reinforced stitching so that they last. They come in a variety of colours, along with our original design . Our collection of hoodies and sweatshirts allow you to stay comfortable when it’s either cold or raining outside, promoting relaxation and comfort. A great gift idea for family members or friends!

A standard hoodie with the Japanese flag on it. Perfect for any fan of Japan or anime! Available in 3 different colors: navy blue, black, and red/white stripe. Get yours today!Normal people wear hoodies, so we made one with a anime theme! Available in 3 colors, from light navy blue to dark grey and even red and white striped. Why not be different? This soft cotton blend sweatshirt is comfortable and easy to wear all day long and night too. It’s perfect for any anime or J-rock fan out there.What are you waiting for? Japan is calling!