Demon Slayer Hoodie

What is a Demon Slayer Hoodie ?

This Demon Slayer hoodie is for people who don’t back down from their convictions. It serves as a constant reminder to yourself of how far you’ll go to pursue your dreams. Plus, the scripture on the front means that those who look upon you will think twice about opposing your goals and goals in general. No matter what life throws at you, this hoodie says that you will overcome. #StillBackingItUp

This hoodie is great for wearing around the house or to school. It’s soft and comfy enough that you can wear it everyday. This Demon Slayer hoodie also looks really cool which is always a plus. The design on the front is awesome and makes this hoodie stand out from all the other boring hoodies out there. The picture of the Demon Slayer running towards the reader looks almost real. This design and picture really tells people what your personality is like without saying a word.

Are you a hero? A dark shadow of hate and fear, the demons fear your might. Show them what they’re missing out on with this full color hoodie that proudly displays our badge and the famous “Demon Slayers” quote. Don’t let the demons keep you from seeing this hoodie – show them what it means to mess with the wrong man!

A black hoodie with white lettering. The front of the hoodie has a picture of the character from the game, with his weapon of choice being an AXE. The back of the hoodie has the phrase ” DEMON SLAYER” in red along with a red dragon holding a shield and with blood dripping off of it’s blade. The bottom left corner reads ” owned by “. copyrighted by “. Licensed through deviantART 2013. This way cool hoodie is perfect for any fans of video games, fantasy, or comic books uffy style.

‘The power of the Demon will never control me.’ A hoodie with a message. Wear this at your next Club Demon event.

The artwork on this black cotton hoodie is inspired by the original sketch from artist DAIKE produced for our 2019 Korean Tour Collection. The design is a simple rendering of a hooded figure holding aloft a sword while standing on an inverted cross. This piece of clothing is a reminder that as chaotic and negative thoughts can seem, there is always light at the end of the tunnel if you choose to keep moving forward. Let this hoodie be your shield against negativity and shadow demons, so that you may live out your dreams unharmed.This heavy-weight cotton hoodie features an orange stitching and red drawstring detail

The hoodie has many uses. You can wear it and protect yourself from the demons out there. Or, you can use this hoodie as a mantle piece to protect your TV from being thumbed by your guests. Just be careful, if you are not careful enough, your guests might mistake the hoodie for a femalevolent creature and attempt to tear into it with their bare hands!