Can you wear an ahegao hoodie to school ?

can you wear an ahegao hoodie to school
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I’m a high-schooler who’s a part-time fashion blogger, and lots of students I know have ahegao hoodies from a company called Stussy. I got the question a lot, “Is it a problem to wear ahegao hoodies to school?” Ahegao is a type of face people make when they are having an orgasm or are in a lot of pain, which is why you might not want to wear ahegao gear to school.

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#1 Communication

I have been communicating with my classmates and some teachers about what I should do if someone wears an ahegao hoodie to school. Many of my classmates said there would be no problem with wearing a ahegao hoodie to school. But a few teachers told me that ahegao is a thing that people make when they’re in a lot of pain or are having an 6 , so ahegao gear should not be worn at school.

#2 Consultation with a psychologist

Then, I consulted a psychologist about ahegao gear and ahegao. The ahegao a person makes with their face is a kind of facial expression that they make when they’re in a lot of pain or are having an orgasm , which has become widely known through hentai cartoons. So if a student wears ahegao gear, it might come across as being rude to others, especially teachers who might not know the meaning behind “ahegao”.

#3 What can you do ?

If you want to wear an ahegao hoodie at school, try consulting your teachers or counselor beforehand. That way we can avoid misunderstanding between students and staff members. Also, since wearing an ahegao hoodie a a hentai might be misunderstood, it would probably be better to avoid wearing an ahegao hoodie altogether.

ahegao hoodie at school classmate

#4 Conclusions

I consulted my friends and teachers, and most people think that you can wear an ahegao hoodie to school just as long as you don’t use it for sexual purposes. That’s why I think that students should try consulting their teacher before they wear an ahegao hoodie to school.

#5 A message from the author

Also, there are many kinds of facial expressions other than “ahegao” that appear in manga. So ahegao hoodies might make a lot of people misunderstand. If you want to wear ahegao gear, try consulting the teachers or counselor beforehand so you can avoid a misunderstanding between staff members and students.

#6 Personal Opinion on Ahegao Gear

Don’t wear ahegao hoodies just because your favorite anime or game character wears them, as it’s a reflection of yourself and not a fictional character. As a general rule, it might be best to stay away from anything a hentai character is wearing unless you’re a pervert like me who has accepted their lewd side and embraces it with open arms !