Ahegao Hoodie

What is an ahegao hoodie ?

The Ahegao is a Japanese term, used to represent erotic facial expressions of a girl, observed during sex and is used in pornographic animation or video games. 🕹

Ahegao hoodies are perfect for the anime, manga and sex-themed lover. We are proud to bring you the latest trends in Japanese apparel. With many exclusive designs from Japan, you will find your favorite anime and character printed on every garment in our online store! We have an extensive collection of Ahegao Face Hoodie, we also have a range of other types of clothing such as Dresses, Pants, Shirts & more! Browse our site today and fall in love with our high quality products! After ordering these Ahegao Hoodies for yourself or as a gift for someone special. 🎌

Ahegao Hoodies is an Official Apparel Product of Japan. This colored ahegao hoodie is designed to be comfy and fashionable, with our high quality printed fabric that feels great and looks even better. The funny face design makes this hoodie a unique addition to any wardrobe and will attract attention wherever you go! Choose between Black or White colors. Try it out now!

Ahegao Hoodies are the newest clothing line from Ahegao Clothing. This line of hoodies are the warmest, coziest, softest and fluffiest ahegao zipper hoodie you will ever put on! The Ahegao gang has hit the streets hard with these bad boys and all they want is to be loved. We encourage you to show your love for anime girls by rocking one of these bad boys. Look good doing it too! #AhegaoClothing #LoveAnimeGirls #Hoodie

Ahegao hoodies are our latest design, with a unique Japanese Anime look. Features include Full zip front, 2 large pockets on the front, 1 medium sized pocket on the left chest and 1 small pocket on the right chest. Ideal for both casual and more formal wear. This product is hand made, therefore sizes may differ slightly from the above dimensions. Ahegao – To be in a state of awe or admiration; to make someone feel amazed, spellbound, or perplexed; as in “The look on her face was ahegao”.

Our Ahegao hoodies are a great way for girls to be cute, fashionable and comfortable when they are out with their friends. The hoodies come in a variety of colors including white, pink, blue, purple, green and more. These Ahegao hoodies are perfect for all seasons since they are made of cotton material.

Ahegao is the perfect hoodie to flaunt our funky sex-positivie attitude. On the front of the hoodie is greet with our recognizable A-A-H character. Printed on the back is one of our catch phrases, “I Am What I Am” in all lowercase letters. Get yours today!

Ahegao’s colourful print is printed on both sides of the hoodie for even more fun! A must have for anime fans. This normal slim fit hoodie is made from 100% cotton. We also offer a similar model which is a designer hoodie.

Girl with an ahegao hoodie

Ahegao Hoodie Craze

When teenagers wear their new Ahegao hoodies, they are often seen feeling aroused and excited. They show off the bold images of erotic passion with pride to friends on social media sites, much like a badge of honor for conquering an unknown world. Teenagers love these fashion items because it is something that only those who dare can do in public without being judged or criticized by others as perverted weirdoes.

A staple of Contemporary Fashion

Ahegao hoodies are the latest fashion trend in Japan and make for a great staple of your casual outfit. The sweaters with Ahegao faces printed on them have become quite popular among men, but they’re really making waves throughout different age groups as well. With these cutesy sweatshirts you get an extra stylish look that’s perfect to wear around town or just hanging out at home!

ahegao nutrisari gif hoodie design

Give Chic Presentation to Your Dress With Anime Ahegao Hoodie

If you are looking for a great winter product, look no further than the anime hentai hoodies. These garments provide a chic presentation while also showing iconic designs like your favorite characters in scenes of ultimate pleasure. The best thing about these hoodies is that they have captured most popular among youth with their irresistible and charismatic appeal!

Ahegao zipper hoodies are the perfect choice for traveling, as they protect from severe weather and keep you warm.

They’re also great for casual routines because of their versatility- wear them on anything! What’s wonderful about these hoodies is that it doesn’t matter what color or design you choose, everyone will be looking at your fashion sense with envy.

Hoodies are the ultimate trendy item to wear while sleeping or in a casual routine.

Pair it with some jeans and add a t-shirt over for an ultra stylish look, perfect for any occasion. If you want to go bolder than that try adding this hoodie from Kx3 Design Studio on top of your wardrobe! The pattern is so different but still really cute which makes it easy to pair up anything else and make yourself stand out even more without looking like too much of one thing at once.

The perfect fashion statement for winter is a hoodie.

Ahegao Hoodies will keep you warm and stylish during these cold days of the season with their cool patterns that are sure to be loved by all who see them. They can also look amazing paired up with any other clothing choice from jeans to shorts, so no one has an excuse not to have at least 1 or more in their closet this Winter!


Ahegao hoodie has been a popular meme for years now, but with the recent innovations in construction and design it is easier than ever to find one that suits your taste. There are even options for customized designs so you can have what you want!

Feelings of Coziness

Inside this hoodie, you will feel the warmth of a warm blanket. The cozy feeling that comes from wearing it is one-of-a kind and no other article can replace its comfortableness for fear of going bald in wintertime!

Stylishly innovative

Ahegao hoodies are some that remove your boredom. Ahegao hoodie meme is stylishly innovative and has a provocative pattern with striking images on it to keep you interested in the most different, fresh way. These sweatshirts are great additions to any wardrobe because they will boost your image and style while still being dependable for comfort during the day or night out! The exciting thing about an Ahegao Hoodie is how well it stands apart from other clothing items when worn by you – which gets everyone’s attention- whether positively or negatively – who doesn’t want all eyes on them?

Fashion with Passion

Anime ahegao hoodies are the talk of fashion with their symbolic presentation. These patterns and designs can excite you further than anyone else’s gifs would be able to do for those who have true love for Anime girl companionship.

What is the best material for ahegao hoodies?

Polyester, spandex and cotton are all common materials used in making these popular clothing items. Cotton fabric tends to be breathable, which helps with sweat absorption during particularly hot days or especially strenuous exercise sessions. However it’s important that when selecting your winter wear look also into how thin the fabric might be; images won’t have ideal quality if not printed on high-quality fabrics! The threading of seams must always remain strong as well so you don’t end up buying an ahegao hoodie where stitching has come undone at some point over time because this will lead to even more issues down the line like holes forming in areas under stress points.

The Size Guideline.

What should you be looking for when it comes to selecting hoodies? There are many factors that go into choosing the perfect ahegao hoodie. For example, material and assembly play an important role in your decision-making process. You want something with breathability so as not to trap sweat inside while working out or being outside during chilly winter months. Cotton fabric is usually recommended because of its ability absorb moisture quickly; however, if cotton isn’t available then other fabrics like polyester will do just fine! Checking for low quality images on clothing can also make sure this article of clothing looks great all year long – even after repeated washes and wears!

Our Specialty

Anim Hoodie is an online store that creates hentai-inspired hoodies for all the lewd nerds out there. They are crafted with a flexible fabric and come in gorgeous color combinations, as well as stimulating facial expressions of some popular characters like Love Live’s Honoka or Yuri on Ice’s Victor. There are also classic patterns available such as Rainbow Dash from My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic! The high quality images can be printed digitally to create your perfect ahegao theme design, making it look more realistic than ever before; this type of print will not fade over time so you’ll always have something new to wear. If you’re looking for just about any trendy style imaginable then Anim Hoodie has got them covered.

Where to Buy Cheap Ahegao Hoodies?

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Shopping Experience with Anime Hoodie

You can work out your favorite styles of Ahegao hoodies from our vast collection. Pick your favorite ahegao hoodie and add them to the cart. You will surely get an experience worth remembering by shopping with us! Moreover, there are many styling options available here such as having tons of varied sketches for anime characters in various facial expressions like happy or sad faces, etcetera.